CBD & Heavy Metal Laboratory Reports

We want our customers to be confident in the product they are buying and the best way to do that is to be able to see the exact ingredients and exactly how much is in our products, 

This is important so that you can see the product contains the correct amount of CBD stated on the label and that it contains no parabens, heavy metals & other contaminants.

Before you use any CBD product,
You should ensure that your product is pure and free of toxins.

Not only do we have rigorous on-site testing, but every product also receives third-party lab clarification to ensure the absence of Parabens, heavy metals, and the purity of CBD. Our products are tried and tested to ensure the critical attributes of potency, purity, taste, and colour are confirmed by the highest standard of testing available.

These standards have proven to produce one of the highest quality, CBD oil products available.
You can enjoy Our Products without any trace solvents, heavy metals or pesticides!